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Sliding Rail Set for wlkata mirobot





WLKATA Accessories - Sliding Rail Set

Extending The Working Space By Adopting
Sliding Rail Set 

The sliding rail set is compatible with WLKATA Mirobot and can extend the workspace to 0.5 meter. It has stable performance and could be controlled by Blockly, Teach-and-Play and Python methods in WLKATA Studio. It could be assembled either horizontally or vertically, allowing the makers to build a three-dimensional mini-factory with a group of sliding rails and robots creatively.  


    WLKATA Product Warranty Policy

    I. General Principle
    Any Wlkata education products that are purchased legally or obtained for free through operational activities, if found defective, have access to the warranty service provided by Wristline Inc. (hereinafter referred to as Wlkata) or Wlkata-authorized agents.

    II. Commitment
    (1) 1-Year Warranty for Wlkata robotic arm,

    (2) 3-Month, 6-Month, or 1 Year-Warranty for According Spare Parts

    (3) Consumables Not Covered Under Warranty

    III. Proof for Warranty
    (1) Purchase Invoice: the sales invoice issued by Wlkata or an authorized agent.

    (2) Ex-Factory Date: ex-factory date is the date the product leaves the factory, which can be acquired through Wlkata serial number. If a customer fails to provide a valid invoice or related proof, the delivery date from China is the start of warranty date, which means if your goods was delivered on August 1st, 2022, the start of warranty date from August 1st, 2022 to July 31st 2023.

    IV. Scope of Free Warranty
    As long as you can meet one of the following conditions, you will be covered under free warranty.

    (1) Be able to provide valid proof and confirm that during the warranty period, there are non-human performance failures or quality problems caused by the third-party software approved by Wlkata.

    (2) Have already paid for warranty extension and confirm that during the warranty extension period, there are non-human-caused performance failures or quality problems caused by the third-party software approved by Wlkata.

    (3) After customers have paid for the warranty, Wlkata provides a 90-day warranty for the replacement parts.

    V. Scope of Paid Warranty
    As long as you can meet one of the following conditions, you will be covered under paid warranty.

    (1) The product exceeds the warranty period;

    (2) Unable to provide proof for warranty and valid invoice, except those that can be proved within the warranty period;

    (3) The content on the warranty proof is altered or does not match the physical identification of the product;

    (4) Product failures caused by a lack of proper use and maintenance according to the user manual;

    (5) Product failures caused by disassembly, maintenance, modification unauthorized by Wlkata;

    (6) Improper use including immersion in liquid, dampness, mold, insect damage or animal chew;

    (7) Damage caused by force majeure.

    VI. Shipping Costs
    (1) Wlkata bears the back-and-forth shipping costs incurred within the scope of free warranty.

    (2) Wlkata bears the shipping costs of sending back the repaired products incurred within the scope of paid warranty.

    VII. Warranty Extension Policy
    Wlkata supports paid warranty extension when a customer wants it. How much the warranty extension costs and how long it lasts shall be subject to the negotiation between Wlkata and the customer.

    Tel: +1 201 682 9753

    Email: hello@wristline.com

    IX. Interpretation of Warranties
    Wlkata reserves the final right to interpret and modify this warranty policy. Without informing its customers, Wlkata has the right to make necessary changes to all warranty information, product performance and specifications, all of which shall be subject to the latest notice on Wlkata official website: www.wlkata.com


    WLKATA Shipping, Return and Refund Policy


    1. Complimentary ground shipping within 7-21 business days
    2. Purchases are delivered in their original packages inside the corrugated cardboard boxes, with the exception of certain items


    WLKATA accepts the following payment methods:

    - Credit Card: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, , Apple Pay, Visa Electron. - PayPal: Shop easily online without having to enter your credit card details on the website. Your account will be charged once the order is completed.



          Order return and refund policy:

          Items returned within 14 days of their original shipment delivery date in same as new condition will be eligible for a full refund. Refunds will be charged back to the original form of payment used for purchase. Customer is responsible for shipping charges when making returns. Shipping/handling fees of original purchase is non-refundable.

          More Information:

          Should you require information or help, please contact us by email or by phone and we will be happy to assist you.





          WLKATA Studio

          Programmable by Blockly, Python and G-code in the software


          Compatible with Mirobot

          A mounting plate is provided for Mirobot installation



          Extend the workspace to 0.5 meter (1.6 feet)

          Maximum Speed


          Fast speed for wide application

          About The Product

          The sliding rail set is made from high strength steel and CNC machined to ensure smooth and durable operation. A continuous cable carrier is provided to protect the cable, which also keeps the workspace neat.

          What Is In The Set

          1. Sliding rail X 1

          2. A mounting plate for robot arm X 1

          3. Cable carrier X 1

          4. A pair of supporting plates X 1

          5. User manual X 1

          Shipping Info.

          Package Size: 850*288*100mm (33.5*11.5*4 Inch)

          Package Weight: 4.6kg (10.2 lbs)

          Brand: WLKATA

          Technical Drawing


          ⚙️ Technical Parameters, Control And Software

          Get started with Sliding Rail Set

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