Educational Solution For University

Modulated Production line Solution for The Study of Artificial Intelligence, mechanism and robotics

For researchers, university educators, and students whom study AI and robotics, WLKATA provides a series of modulated mini production lines. These laboratory training platforms change the tedious study of algorithms and mechanisms into an interactive, exciting, and effective learning process.

Based on the technologies of Bus-mastering control, open-source API, and desktop robot arms, WLKATA provides an ideal robotic research platform for educators and students in higher educational institutes.

Educational Solution For University

ROS, Matlab, VRep Learning Package

To users work on robotics development platforms such as ROS, V-rep and Matlab, WLKATA provides 3D simulation models, and source code.  It helps to realize the synchronization between virtual simulation and real robotics development. Read The Tutorial

Client Projects

Client: Motlow College - Automation and Robotics Training Center, McMinnville, USA
Project: Robotic Lab

Client: Guangzhou Railway Vocational and Technical College
Project: Smart City showroom

Client: China University of Mining and Technology (Beijing)
Project: Robotic Engineering Innovation Lab