WLKATA Vision Set Specially designed for Mirobot

The WLKATA Vision Set is designed specifically for WLKATA Mirobot to realize the automatic handling of objects. This product set contains one vision stand and one OpenMV vision module. It is an artificial intelligence learning platform based on python programming, which realizes the color and shape recognition of objects through python programming.

What is in the package

Vision Stand
Pre-designed for an easy installation of WLKATA Mirobt on the plate; made by high quality aluminum alloy.
Vision Module
OpenMV camera and can achieve color recognition, bar code recognition, calibration, image processing, etc.
Wooden Blocks Package
For a basic start of using WLKATA vision set
Vision Set Parameters
WLKATA  Vision Set
Aluminum alloy
Power input
5 V / 25mA DC
RAM Layout
512 KB
Visual Recognition Method
Connection method
USB 2.0
Product specification (L × w × h)
500mm X 120mm X 300mm
Working temperature
Shipping list
WLKATA vision stand | Vision module | Wooden blocks package | User manual