WLKATA Mirobot

Learning The Artificial intelligence of things (AIoT) Easy And Fun

Compact, Safe and Fun, WLKATA Mirobot is a cute medium for learning and demonstrate emerging Robotic and Smart Factory concepts and technologies.





WLKATA Mirobot


A Desktop Robotic Arm Designed For Smart Factory Simulation And AIoT Education

Easy-to-use and powerful, WLKATA Mirobot is a professional grade tool allowing students and researchers simulate start fashioning real world robotic and AIoT uses in a test setting right on a desktop.

6+1 DoF And Professional Performance

WLKATA Mirobot is design with 6+1 degree of freedom, which is same as a typical industrial robot, thus necessary for display nearly all of the manufacturing and domestic uses.

  • 6 Degree of Freedom
  • 0.2mm Repeatability
  • Joints using high accuracy stepping motor with reducer

Open Source And Friendly To Makers

The firmware of WLKATA Mirobot is based on Arduino. It is open sourced and support customizable APIs, RS485, Bluetooth and WiFi. So that users can operate through serial over USB and e.g., customize their own controller.

Advanced Kinematic Control Algorithm

Based on the forward-looking algorithm, the stability of the motion control is guaranteed by executing the continuous small line segment motions.

Wide Range Of Accessories For Creating Smart Factory Ideas !

With diverse types of end-tools, wireless controller, conveyor belts, sliding rails, AI vision set, rover and more, young engineers can create unlimited scenes of future life on a desktop.

WLKATA Mirobot

control and software

wireless Controller
Serial over USB (Ethercat, RS 485, python SDK, Arduino)
ROS, Matlab, V-rep

WLKATA Studio is a software that provides essential control functions for robotics learners.

A simple way for beginners learning robotics control, and   functioning like an industrial robot pendant.

WLKATA Mirobot Firmware allows users  operating the robotic arm through the use of serial over USB.

Learning packages including 3D models and control demos for Ubuntu 16.04 ROS Kinetic, Matlab and V-Rep

Operating system

Windows/ MacOS

Windows/ MacOS / Linux

Windows/ MacOS / Linux

ROS: Linux
Matlab: Windows
V-Rep: Windows




Any language which can communicate via serial over USB

C++, Python, and other compatible languages with ROS, Matlab and V-Rep


WLKATA Mirobot firmware

WLKATA Mirobot firmware

WLKATA Mirobot firmware

WLKATA Mirobot firmware


Manual and Samples in many languages for users to get started (Teach&play, Blockly, Python, G-code and more)

Manual of using Wireless Bluetooth Controller

Multifunctional Extender box and USB serial instruction code manual and examples.
(More coming soon)

ROS Examples:
Matlab and
V-Rep Examples
Python SDK Examples

Fruit Picking Line

$ 2,260.00 USD

AI Automatic Sorting Production Line

$ 6,530.00 USD

Automobile assembly line

$ 6,990.00 USD

WLKATA Sliding Rail Set For Mirobot

$ 740.00 USD
check out WLKATA user manual, Free Tutorial and Educational Resources now ! ( Python SDK, ROS, Matlab, V-rep) ->