Compact and Affordable

WLKATA Mirobot is designed to be compact and only cost about 5% of the price of real industrial robot, which makes it very accessible for educators and students.

6+1 Axis

Designed with 6 axis and one extra freedom, WLKATA Mirobot owns an essential feature to obtain the freedom of movement for nearly all of the industrial and domestic uses.

Easy to use

For programming beginners, the graphic programming Blockly, blue tooth controller and teach-and-learn modes are all ideal for an easy start. So everyone could play with Mirobot in an hour.

Open Source

The API interface is opened for customization and supports e.g., Python, C++ and JAVA languages. For robotic developers, we provides 3D model and UI interface for platforms such as V-rep, Ros and Matlab.

WLKATA Mirobot Making The Artificial Intelligence Engineering (AIE) Learning Smart And Fun

Compact, Safe and Fun, WLKATA Mirobot is a cute medium for learning and demonstrate emerging robotic technologies. It is design with 6 axis which is necessary for display nearly all of the industrial and domestic uses. With diverse types of end-tools, controller,conveyor belts, sliding rails, visual recognition kit, rover and more, the educators and makers can create unlimited scenes of future life right on the table.

Lightweight Desktop Robot Arm For AI Educators And Students

Compact Size

Height only 22cm in its homing gesture; only weight 1.5kg which is similar to a laptop

6-Axis Freedom, Same As Typical Industrial Robot

Ideal for learning and demonstrating production line and industrial 4.0 scenarios

Omnidirectional Movement

Three dimensional working space allows tilt and turn -- same to a real industrial robot

High Precise

0.2mm Repeatability;
stepping motor joints with multistage gearbox

Pre-assembled Device

Ready to use from the box; hardware based on Arduino control board and allowing expandableinterfaces

Expand to external interfaces

A Multifunctional Extension Module is included which allows the robot communicating directly with WIFI, BT Bluetooth and RS485 protocols

Various Control Methods For Beginner And Professional Users

PC Software WLKATA Studio

The official software WLkata Studio is the basic method of play with Mirobot. It provides a number of controlling ways including Blockly, Drawing, Teach-and-play, Python and G-code.

Mobile APP

Simply uses your phone to control the robot arm and have fun.

Wireless Controller

Mirobot support Bluetooth, WiFi and Custom API, so users can develop their own exclusive controller.

3D Virtual Control

Free source code and API for mainstream robotics development platforms (third-party software), including V-Rep, Ros and Matlab.

Open-sourced Hardware, And Friendly To Makers

WLKATA Mirobot is an open platform hardware product. The API is open for customization. Check out our Github and download page for the 3D models and source code for V-rep, Ros, and Matlab and more. By following the online tutorials and DIY guidance, you could customize attractive robotic demonstrations with tomorrow concepts.

The ROS Interface & Source Code for wLKATA Mirobot are now available on Github, please find out ! ->

Wide Range of Add-ons
(End-tools, Mobile Accessories And Visual Sets)

With 6 types of end-tools, wireless controller, conveyor belts, sliding rails, visual recognition kit, rover and more, the engineers and makers can create unlimited scenes of future life right on the desk.

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