building A Production Line with the help of the conveyor belt set

This conveyor bet set is compatible with WLKATA Mirobot. It can be controlled by WLKATA Studio, and programmable by Blockly, Python, teach-and-play. This set also provides a photoelectric switch sensor and a color recognition sensor. So that Makers can simulate a real production line with WLKATA Mirobot and this conveyor belt set and experience the fun of playing with one's own automotive mini-factory.

What is in the package

Conveyor Belt
Designed as programmable conveyor belt, with adjustable speed and stable performance.
Photoelectric Sensor
Use light and optics to detect object presence or distance.
Conveyor Belt Set Parameters
WLKATA Conveyor Belt Set
Aluminum alloy, PVC
Effective travel
500 mm
Power input
12V / 4A DC
Maximum 18W
Product specification (L × w × h)
650mm X 210mm X 42mm
2.27 Kg
Shipping list
WLKATA Conveyor belt | Data cable  |  Handbook   | Hex tool kit | Photoelectric switch sensor | Color recognition sensor