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Purchase & payment


Q: Where else can I buy WLKATA product?

A: Please go to our online stores to explore the WLKATA products.
We also have an official Alibaba Store at:

If you want to find local agents or distributors to consult about purchase, please contact us at:

Q: Do you provide invoice?

A: Invoice is available if requested. Please note this in your order, or contact us by email at:


Technical Issues


Q: What does "6+1" axis mean?

A: The WLKATA Mirobot is a six-axis robotic arm that, although small, can be extended by the reserved seventh axis. You can attach a conveyor belt or sliding rail to do more work.

Q: What end-effectors does WLKATA Mirobot have?

A: WLKATA Mirobot's end-effectors are increasing continually.
By far ,they include servo gripper, pen holders, suction cups, 2-finger suction cup, 3-finger soft gripper, Gopro holder. You can also design your own end-effector and please share your creation with the WLKATA community.

Q: How can I program WLKATA Mirobot?

You can use the WLKATA Studio to program the robot. The WLKATA Studio provides, Blockly, Scratch, G Code, Python and Teach-and-play to control the robot. Moreover, you could also access to its API by using C, C++, C#, and JAVA. WLKATA Mirobot API interface supports multiple programming languages and is perfect for tailor-made software development.

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