WLKATA Vision Set For Mirobot

$ 839.00 USD

Wlkata Mirobot is a 6-axis open-source mini-industrial robotic arm that is specially designed for education purpose. WLKATA Mirobot has been chosen by top-ranked universities and schools in more than 40 countries. It provides an ideal robotic learning platform for higher education, R&D laboratories, makers and professional training users.

Compatible Software

Open MV, ROS, V-rep, Webots, and more.

Product Description

The WLKATA Vision Set is designed specifically for WLKATA Mirobot to realize the automatic handling of objects. This product set contains one vision stand and one OpenMV vision module. It is an artificial intelligence learning platform based on python, C or C++ programming, which realizes the color and shape recognition of objects.

What is included in the WLKATA Vision Set

  1. Vision stand X 1
  2. Vision module (OpenMV 3; 3 Million dpi) X 1
  3. Wooden blocks package X 1
  4. Handbook X 1


  • Pre-designed are for an easy installation of WLKATA Mirobt on the plate
  • Made by high quality aluminum alloy
  • CNC manufactured
  • Stable and portable during robot working

Customizing into your robotic scenarios

The visual module is detachable, thus can be set up on custom installations for a more flexible way of display.

Packing & Shipping

We will use standard packaging and all products on display are certified. After the payment, we will contact the customer to confirm the delivery time. If there will be a delay of shipping, we will contact you in time and discuss about the alternative shipping date.


The warranty period of machine body of this product shall be 6 months as of the date of receipt of this product by the user. In the event of a non-artificial performance failure of any product, the customer may choose to replace it with the product of the same type and specification or free maintenance.

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The ROS Interface & Source Code for wLKATA Mirobot are now available on Github, please find out ! ->