WLKATA Mirobot Education Kit

$ 1,324.00 USD

Wlkata Mirobot is a 6-axis open-source mini-industrial robotic arm that is specially designed for education purpose. WLKATA Mirobot has been chosen by top-ranked universities and schools in more than 40 countries. It provides an ideal robotic learning platform for higher education, R&D laboratories, makers and professional training users.

Compatible Software

Mirobot Studio, Matlab, ROS, V-rep, Webots, and more.

Product Description

WLKATA Mirobot is a cute medium for learning and demonstrate emerging robotic technologies. It is Compact, Safe and Fun, and design with 6 axis which is necessary for display nearly all of the industrial and domestic uses. Check our Website and Github community to access to the up-to-date Mirobot Education Resource (tutorials, source code, DIY guidance, models) which is free for all.

What is included in the WLKATA Mirobot Education Kit

  1. WLKATA Mirobot robot arm X 1
  2. Power supply & High-speed USB cable & IDC cable X 1
  3. Pen holding+Pen set X 1
  4. Micro servo gripper module X 1
  5. Pneumatic set (Including pneumatic box, suction cup, two-finger gripper, universal ball gripper) X 1
  6. Extender box X 1
  7. Mirobot Mecha sticker X 1
  8. Handbook X 1


  • Lightweight & Ready-assembled Device:
    Using ABS Engineering plastic as the outer shell material and weight only 1.5kg. It is a robotic arm that can be held in your hand.
  • Various Intelligent Control Methods:
    Mirobot supports PC, Mobile phone, Mirobot Bluetooth Controller and APP control.
  • Highly Precise:
    The repeated positioning accuracy is 0.2mm, which makes it ideal for education purpose and light-duty tasks.

Packing & Shipping

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The ROS Interface & Source Code for wLKATA Mirobot are now available on Github, please find out ! ->