Wlkata launched Smart Factory Training Platform in this month

This Smart Factory Training Platform is a mini factory making business card/bookmarks and demonstrate the essential technologies behind industry 4.0. 

It is developed on the top of artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and internet-of-thing (IOT) technologies, and integrates digital twin with programmable features to create a future factory platform for career training colleges and centers.

This production line training platform is built to learn about the complete industrial robot processing system, as well as the technical knowledge behind it. Students could learn step by step through each of the work cells, and eventually form a comprehensive understanding of the smart factory, lean manufacturing and robotics automation.


The design purpose of this platform aims on bringing the flexible manufacturing into a classroom. It occupies a small space, but includes a complete industry 4.0 factory system: five folds of learning modules are included : recognition, construction, operation, programming and maintenance.

Key smart factory elements such as CNC, laser engraving, industrial robots, and industrial machine vision inspection also included in this platform, completed with easy to follow instructions for educators.

Contact us today and find out more about its System Parameters, Layout and Distributors in your local area.


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